Mosquito Control

Mosquito suppression is far more than a convenience; it is a vital health and safety service the Board of Supervisors provides throughout the entire county and all four cities. The Board contracts out this important work to Mississippi Mosquito Control Incorporated (MMCI).

Image of white truck spraying chemicals


Centrally located in Gautier, MMCI serves the entire county running more than 40 spraying routes each week using a combination of spray trucks (fogger) and aerial spraying. A vast majority of these routes are run late in the afternoon and early evening. The frequency of these routes is determined by results from mosquito traps and residential phone calls. Calls from residents are usually responded to within three days.


As the weather gets warmer and mosquito populations blossom, MMCI increases its spraying to six days a week (early spring until late fall.) Their staff also increases the number of mosquito traps and inspections of breeding grounds (ditches, standing water). 


The MMCI staff collects mosquitos (as well as dead birds) for testing of “mosquito-borne” illnesses (West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, etc.).  If the results from the State's initial testing come back positive MMCI does further testing and report those results directly to the MS Dept. of Health and the County.

If a test returns as positive, MMCI dramatically increases spraying in the affected area. The County and the Health Dept. immediately team together and begin educational campaigns to lower the risk for residents. The materials below on this web-page show ways to make property more comfortable and protected against mosquitoes.