Vehicle Registration


  • Family Members may pick up your tag.
  • Friends with written permission may pick up your tag.
  • If your name is on the title, then you must be present to sign your name on the Title Application. Otherwise, a Power of Attorney Form must be presented.

When to Register a Vehicle to Avoid Penalty

  • Newly Purchased Vehicles: seven working days from purchase date (exclusive of delivery date)
  • Moving from Out-of-State: 30 days of becoming resident or vehicle entering the State.
  • Renewals: 15 days from expiration *
    * Owner can still be ticketed within this 15 day period.


  • Payment of all fees. (taxes, registration, title transfer, etc. are due at the time of registration)
  • State issued photo identification
  • Special Tag Proof (if you wish to have a special tag)
  • Power of Attorney Form (if somebody else is appearing for you to sign title applications)

You will also need the following:

Vehicles purchased from:

  • Mississippi Dealer
    • Title Application
  • Out of State Dealer
    • Title or MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin
    • Bill of Sale (used to calculate tax rate of:)
      • 5% for automobiles, motor homes and pickup trucks
      • 7% for boats, MC, trailers and campers
    • Odometer Statement
  • An Individual
    • Title
      • Vehicle Inspection Number (VIN) is used to calculate taxes, MSRP may be needed
      • Sales tax is collected on vehicles purchased from individuals at rate of 5%

New vehicles previous registered in owner's name:

  • Renewals
    • Renewal Notice or
    • Tag Number or
    • Title or
    • VIN
  • Moved in from Out-of-State
    • Current Registration
    • Odometer Reading
    • Title or Name and Address of Lien Holder

At Time of Registration

The Tax Collector's office will provide the following at the time of registration:

  • Renewal Notice (this is a courtesy service)
    • Mailed one month prior to expiration
  • Application for Certificate of Title (unless purchased from a Mississippi dealer)
    • Tax Collector will complete for owner to sign
    • Application will be sent to the State Tax Commission
  • Assessments of necessary taxes and valuation which are included on.
  • Road and Bridge Privilege Receipt (owner's receipt after payment)

Golf Carts, Four Wheelers & Other Such Vehicles

  • Four Wheelers and Golf Carts
    • A title is required, but they are not tagged (registered)
  • Jet Skis and Boats
    • The Wild Life Game Management titles and registers these types of vehicles, we furnish the necessary form to send to the State


Residents will pay the following taxes and fees when they register a vehicle:

  • Privilege Taxes
  • Registration Fees
  • Ad Valorem Taxes (based on Assessed Valuation of the vehicle and local millage rates)
  • Legislative Tag Credit (determined by the State Tax Commission each year)
  • Penalties (when applicable)
  • Additional Fees when applicable:
    • Title Transfer - $10
    • Mailing Fees, Revenue Sharing Tags, Use Tax, Sales Tax, Motorcycles/AT - $50 )