Environmental Awareness

Illegal Dump-Sites

Illegal dumping is disposal of waste in an un-permitted area. Illegally dumped wastes are primarily non-hazardous materials that are dumped to avoid either disposal fees or the time and effort required for proper disposal. Many health risks are associated with illegal dumpsites and they are a serious problem.

Download an Illegal Dumping Prevention Guidebook (PDF).

Site Fines

  • First Offense: $50 to $250 Fine
  • Second Offense: $100 to $500 Fine
Image of decrepit truck and garbage in woods

Medical Waste


The Diabetes Center
Phone: 228-875-3630

Grace HealthCare, Inc.
Phone: 228-863-3331

Rx Express Pharmacy
Phone: 228-762-5664

Burnham Drugs Number 4
Phone: 228-826-4747


Target Waste Systems
Phone: 228-497-7170

Disposition of Dead Animals

Hazardous & Medical Waste

Exposure to Hazardous Waste

Singing River Hospital
Phone: 228-938-5000
Ask for the Poison Control Center

Hazardous Spills

Office of Emergency Services
Phone: 228-769-3111

Sheriff's Department
Phone: 228-769-3063
Phone: 228-875-6963