Volunteering & Fostering


Becoming a foster "parent" for a shelter animal is a very special opportunity to help animals who, for one reason or another are not adoptable at the time they were brought into the shelter. The animals in need of foster are either too young, sick, injured and/or in need of other special care which can be better provided for in a foster home. 

A foster parent plays an important role in giving them the time and TLC they need to get ready for their forever homes. Fostering can also be an option for those interested in fostering with the potential of adopting. 


The shelter is always in need of individuals to help with everything from bathing animals and cleaning kennels to animal training and showcasing the animals at adoption events. A little human interaction each day can go a long way in helping prepare a dog or cat for life outside the shelter - with their new family. 

There isn’t enough time in the day for the shelter staff to spend as much quality "fun time" with each animal as they would like, so volunteers are an essential part of helping socialize the shelter animals. 


Please contact the shelter via phone or in person to inquire about volunteer and foster opportunities.