ADC Mail Regulations

Mail Sent To an Inmate:

-Must have full and complete name and address of sender and receiver

-Cannot contain any coded messages or phrases

-Must have proper postage

-Must contain no more than 3 photographs. Maximum allowed size for photographs is

4”x6” and must be on photo paper-no computer printed photographs allowed.

-Photographs must not contain any image that is considered to be pornographic in nature or shows a criminal act or deemed contrary to the penological interest of the facility.

-Handwritten letters should be written in blue or black ink, or typed letters printed with black ink or toner.

-No marks with markers or colors allowed. This includes drawings, stickers, and coloring pages.

-Original envelopes are not sent to the inmate.

-Letters that contain a foreign substance or stain will be rejected and returned to sender.

-Letters that contain perfume, lipstick, lip gloss, or cologne will be rejected and returned.

-No greeting cards allowed, such as, birthday cards, holiday cards, etc.

-Books are only allowed to be sent directly to the inmate from a publishing company.

-Books must be paperback, no hardback books allowed.

-No bubble wrap, staples, paper clips, pamphlets, or sticky notes allowed.

-No stamps, blank paper, or envelopes are allowed to be sent in to any inmate.

-No inmate to inmate correspondence, even through a third party.

-No colored paper allowed.

-No money or money orders will be accepted through the mail.

-No copied puzzles allowed.

-Any item(s) that is deemed inappropriate or unacceptable by Administration will be returned to the original sender.