Rules of Visitation

On-Site Visits

     We welcome visitors to our facility to see their incarcerated friend or loved one. All visits are by video only. There is no charge for on-site visitation. Each inmate is allowed one 20 minute, on-site visit per week. The number of visitors is limited to three (any combination of adult/children). On-site visits are not available on Sunday or prior to 12:30 p.m. on Mondays. Appointments for on-site visitation are made on the kiosk in the front lobby of the jail.

Visits From Home

     Another option for video visitation is visits from home. These visits from home are unlimited 20 minute sessions and there is a payment required. Registration and information for video visitation from home is available on the VendEngine website or the CorrectPay app. Click here for more information on video visitation or inmate messaging. Visitation Brochure.

Visitation Dress Code

     No matter if the visit is on-site or from home, these visitation dress codes and rules must be followed:

  • Improper display of private body areas is not allowed
  • No caps, hats or visors.
  • No:
    • Bare Midriffs
    • Exposed Cleavage
    • See Through Clothing
    • Sleeveless Tops
    • Strapless Tops
    • Tank Tops
  • Shirts and shoes are required
  • Shorts, dresses and skirts must be knee length

Additional Rules

Additional rules are:

  • No cell phones or any recording devices are allowed
  • No contraband: 
    • Ammunition
    • Currency
    • Explosives
    • Intoxicants
    • Weapons, Etc.
  • No food or drinks are allowed
  • No purses, bags or packs are allowed
  • Persons that display the signs of being intoxicated or under the influence of any mind altering chemical will not be allowed to visit and may be subject to arrest
  • All visits are monitored and will be disconnected immediately for any rule violation and no refunds will be issued for the lost visitation time.

     All prohibited items must be secured in your vehicle prior to entering the facility as there is no secure storage for visitors. Rules are subject to change. Visits are limited to 20 minutes with three adults and children under 12. 

Visitation at the ADC

 Visits at the ADC(on-site):

  • Limit of twenty minutes per inmate per week, no charge
  • Registration is at the ADC in the Front Lobby
  • Visits at the ADC are not available all day Sunday, or prior to 12:30 p.m. on Mondays
  • Visits at the ADC or from home are video only

Visitation from Home

 Visitation from home rules are:

  • Registration and information is available at the VendEngine
  • Unlimited 20 minutes session, payment required.
  • Visits at the ADC or from home are video only