Inmate eMessaging


With eMessaging you can:

Send a text message

Attach up to 3 photos

Share up to 3 eCards

Send just a photo with our Snap n’ Send TM (Mobile app only)

Receive an inmate reply if you prepay

How it works:

You must have a Securus Online account and login to use eMessaging

Messages are sent and received from your eMessaging inbox from this website or on the Securus mobile app

eMessages are paid for by purchasing a book of ‘stamps’. Stamp pricing varies by facility. Once you select your inmate the stamp price will be shown.

Find your inmate, purchase a book of stamps and start writing your message.

All message and photos are subject to review by the facility. If a message or photos are rejected or the inmate reply is rejected you will receive a reject message in your inbox with the reason for the rejection. Stamps are not refunded if a message or photo is rejected.

Click the link below or visit

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